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DIRECTV NOW Will Offer 20 Hours of DVR For FREE & Allow You to Buy Extra Storage

Channel Surfing ManFor months we have heard DIRECTV NOW staff talk about how their new DVR will bring in extra revenue. Now we can confirm that DIRECTV NOW’s new DVR will offer 20 hours for free and allow you to buy 100 hours of storage for an extra fee.

Last week DIRECTV NOW sent out emails telling subscribers to ignore emails sent in error. The emails sent in error told subscribers to ignore a billing invoice that included a line for a cloud DVR cost. Last night DIRECTV NOW updated their beta app to show their 100 hour DVR as an add-on package just like HBO.

This lineup well with what the new DIRECTV NOW website promoting 20 hours of DVR as being apart of the standard DIRECTV NOW bundle.

This will line up nicely with how DIRECTV NOW has been beta testing the new DVR. At first, beta testers received 100 hours of free storage. Later in the test, the number of hours went down to just 20. Now the users who have the 100 hours of storage are seeing this on their bill:

Here is what is being advertised on the DIRECTV NOW website:

As best we can tell looking at the new website DIRECTV NOW will offer a limited DVR included with your subscription. From the looks of the new website that will likely be the 20 hours new beta testers are currently getting.

How much the extra storage will cost is still up in the air. We will have to wait and see what DIRECTV NOW does. Though now that they have updated their website to promote the DVR it is likely on time for their spring 2018 launch.

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