DIRECTV NOW’s $35 For a 100 Channel Offer Ends Soon

Well it looks like DIRECTV NOW’s promotional offer of $35 a month plan for 100 channels will be ending soon. According to multiple sources including leaked promotional material the DIRECTV NOW Go Big plan will go back to its normal rate of $60 a month soon.

Today DIRECTV NOW tweeted this message before they quickly took it down.

GO BIG or go home! Get #DIRECTVNOW by 1/9 to get the “Go Big” package for only $35.*

With this image:

Update: we can now confirm the $35 100 channel deal ends January 9th.

It would seem that sings point to the offer ending soon. Yet they could change their mind or even just posted the wrong information. Yet the fact that they created a image that says it ends January 9th 2017 likely points to that being the true end date.

Once the $35 for 100 channels promotional rate ends this will be the new pricing break down for DIRECTV NOW.

  • Live a Little 60+ Channels $35 a Month
  • Just Right 80+ Channels $50 a Month
  • Go Big 100+ Channels $60 a Month
  • Gotta Have It 120+ Channels $70 a Month

If you signup for the $35 a month 100 channels plan before it ends you are locked in at that price.

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