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DIRECTV NOW’s DVR Beta Is Getting Close to Completion

It looks like AT&T is getting close to finishing testing their DIRECTV NOW beta app with DVR support. According to multiple sources and an update to the beta FAQ, the beta test is getting ready to wrap up.

Recently AT&T updated the beta FAQ page on their site with new details. From the update, it looks like they are done adding new devices to the beta. In a statement on the FAQ they say, “Only the devices listed above will be available for beta testing, no new devices will be added.”

Here are the devices they list as supported for the DVR beta:

According to this report and other sources, AT&T is getting close to finishing the public part of their beta. They still list the DIRECTV NOW DVR as likely coming out in the fall of 2017, but it could be delayed. As always with technology, there are unexpected bumps in the road.

There was even a report that the DVR may be delayed until early 2018, but at this time that has not been confirmed. The good news is it looks like their beta test before the public release is starting to wind down as they get ready to go public.

That does leave one glaring omission: the Roku streaming player. It is possible that AT&T still plans to roll out a Roku channel, but it is starting to look far less likely to be in the first wave of players.

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