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DIRECTV NOW’s New DVR Will Cost Extra

For months we have heard DIRECTV NOW staff talk about how their new DVR will bring in extra revenue. Now we get more confirmation that DIRECTV NOW’s new DVR will cost extra.

This week DIRECTV NOW sent out emails telling subscribers to ignore emails sent in error. The emails sent in error told subscribers to ignore a billing invoice that included a line for a cloud DVR cost.

The email did not include what the price would be. That was left blank. Here is what the email looked like:

There is still a possibility that there will be a small free DVR with the ability to pay extra for more DVR storage. Early DVR beta testers received 100 DVR storage hours. More recent DVR beta testers only received 20 DVR storage hours.

This new lower DVR amount has left many to wonder if DIRECTV NOW will offer 20 hours for free and 100 hours for an extra fee. Sadly, all we can do is speculate; however, we do know that the DVR will have a paid version even if there is a small free DVR option.

According to the last announcement AT&T is still planning on launching their DIRECTV NOW DVR in spring 2018.

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