DIRECTV NOW’s Old Packages Are Still Available If You Know Where to Look

Channel Surfing ManLast week, DIRECTV NOW rolled out two new packages: DIRECTV NOW PLUS and DIRECTV NOW MAX. When you go to DIRECTV NOW’s website, you will see the packages prominently promoted; however, there are others there, including the old DIRECTV NOW packages.

Hidden on the DIRECTV NOW website you can get a 65+ channel streaming version of DIRECTV for $93 a month, an 85+ channel version of DIRECTV for $110 a month, a 105+ channel version of DIRECTV for $124, and a 125+ channel version of DIRECTV for $135 a month streaming online. According to AT&T employees we have talked with, these packages are only for sale online.

While these packages have the names of DIRECTV’s satellite packages, you will find they are the old DIRECTV NOW packages with new pricing. You can even find the old DIRECTV NOW packages still hidden away with the old pricing on AT&T’s website and compare them to the new ones on DIRECTV NOW’s current website.

DIRECTV NOW is not promoting these DIRECTV satellite packages in their ads, and even on the DIRECTV NOW website they take a backseat to the Plus and Max packages that get all the attention. Yet if you are willing to pay $93 to $135 a month you can still get the older DIRECTV NOW packages—for a $53 price jump over the old pricing of the old packages.

To find these packages, click on the grayed out Other Packages button down by the channel lineup listed on the DIRECTV NOW website.

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