DirecTV’s New Live Streaming Service is Coming Soon

130225_DirectTVdvr_0115bigIt has been almost a year since we first learned that AT&T planned to use the DirecTV brand to launch a new live TV online streaming service.

Now, in a recent conference call with investors, CEO Randall Stephenson said that he has teased the new service and it would include more than 100 premium channels and features including “very, very aggressive price points.”

We already know that the new service will include channels such as HBO, Disney, ESPN, and other Disney-owned channels, but we are unsure of what the 100 premium channels will be. We do know that NBC has a deal to offer NBC Universal channels and local NBC channels in some markets.

We did learn that the DirecTV NOW service will limit subscribers to one or two streams per household. There will also be an extra fee if you want additional simultaneous streams.

We do not know the exact price but Stephenson hinted that they could lower the cost because of how inexpensive a streaming service is compared to maintaining satellites and other services for the current DirecTV service.

We do know that if you have an AT&T wireless plan DirecTV NOW streaming will not count against your data cap, which is something that is sure to upset many of their competitors.

As for how AT&T feels about DirecTV NOW pulling people away from their other TV services Stephenson said, “If you don’t see them threatening your legacy products, 99 percent of the time they don’t go anywhere,” he said. “It means you found something the market really wants.”

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6 Responses to DirecTV’s New Live Streaming Service is Coming Soon

  1. George Shiflett September 22, 2016 at 7:50 am #

    its funny we have all cut the cord because we were sick and tired of paying high costs of cable and look companies like Sling ar bundling packages together like orange a blue sling and the extras for 5 bucks a set , i was with sling when they were 20 dollars and now i was up to 54 bucks running orange and blue , sony Vue is the same way , now At&t doing it , Hbo and show time selling themselves on the market now , they are getting back at us , winding us right back where we started from , Paying high prices for TV bundles , and that is not counting our INTERNET costs and if you figure the average just INTERNET cost from a company runs from 30 bucks for a speed so slow you could not stream if you wanted to all the way to upwards of 150 dollars for high speed , i pay 79 dollars for 55 megs , comcast charges on a deal same price but for 75 megs but you have to sign for 2 years and the deal at 79 only lasts for a year , plus equipment and taxes so guess what you end up paying more and Comcast and time warner know your streaming have have gotten back in the habit of throttling you because you don’t use their tv service , we are losing this fight because we are falling right back into the bundle , and they are worried , Streaming is the death of cable and DVD players and Movie theaters, it is also the death of DVD’s , with things like Kodi and Roku and more kodi than Roku , you don’t need your own library anymore its there right on your TV and once they program a smart TV to operate off a true droid or windows operating system and make them so you can side load or TV built with ROKU like the TLC tv it is changing fast but we are watching prices climb also , we are falling back into the trap , beware they will try and screw us over again

    • LibertyJusticeAndFrall September 30, 2016 at 12:09 am #

      As I’ve said elsewhere, the key is for enough of us to say”enough!” and get the FCC to *require* a la carte pricing *at the same prices for each channel as they are available in bundles*. (There are strong antitrust and other arguments to be made for such a policy, especially when there is any cross-ownership of content and delivery.)

      It’s the bundling that’s really evil here, since they use that to force us to pay more than we want because we have no choice but to buy more than we want.

      (Personally, I’d like to see someone go for an auction/bid system for streaming on-demand content – e.g., I might pay $0.50 an episode for a great show like Orphan Black, but I’ll never pay $3.00 an episode for anything. Especially for older back catalog stuff, the content owners would be foolish to turn down a “live buyer” even if the price was lower than what they ask today – price/show might go down, but economics says it’s likely that the number of buyers goes up enough to more than compensate…)

      One thing’s clear – the vast majority thinks content costs are far too high – that’s the whole reason for cord-cutting in the first place. Content owners need to be very careful, or they will successfully train their customers to live without them – it only takes a few months! (I no longer really miss *any* cable channel content anymore – two years of cord-cutting without that content has convinced me that I don’t really want cable channels and increasingly, don’t miss them: The only thing I really gave up that I cared about was Fox Sports Southwest. I’d buy an MLBTV sub, but the MLB idiots think that being able to watch a game in Austin is hurting their ticket sales, disregarding the fact that either blacked-out market is 3-1/2 hours away. As a result, the MLB has lost a long-time fan of two teams. I just don’t care anymore.)

    • TheTruthBurns October 6, 2016 at 11:11 am #

      I have to totally disagree with this, respectfully. I used to pay 130$ a month for cable, with only two premium channels (HBO and Cinemax). Now, I am able to split the costs with my brother, who is out of State.

      Now I get:

      A) all the main channels I watched and all the premium channels (HBO, Cinemax, Epix, Starz, Showtime) with Sling(except for ShowtimeNow),

      B) Netflix
      C) +15 Dollars a month for VidAngel

      All for half the price. The value here, is being able to split the costs cross household. This is why Vue is not exploding as they thought. The Market will dictate this. Just remember, put a price on the ACTUAL time you spend watching something. One or two channels, that you watch maybe 3-4 times a month, is probably not worth 10$ a month.

  2. JJ September 22, 2016 at 7:52 pm #

    This service will be too expensive.

  3. Sundiata Bradshaw September 30, 2016 at 3:21 pm #

    “..if you have an AT&T wireless plan DirecTV NOW streaming will not count against your data cap…” – this is bs. This should also apply to at least U-verse customers.

  4. Tammy Mills January 17, 2017 at 8:27 am #

    I have directvnow and I think it’s great. I’m only paying $35 a month. One of the best things I noticed is I’m paying for the channels I actually like. I’m not paying for hispanic channels, shopping channels and all the other bs I never watch. I was paying about $140 a month and only watched about 20 channels. I was using iptv but the buffering was awful. I have no buffering at all and the quality is excellent. I’m thankful I found it. While I know others may not like it and it may not be their thing, it works great for me.