DISH Wants to Offer 5G Internet to 70% of Americans in Just Three Years

DISH has for some time now talked about how important 5G is to the future of the company. Now DISH has announced that it plans to have 70% of Americans covered with 5G broadband by June 2023.

This comes as DISH has started to ask for proposals to help it lay fiber to build out its 5G network according to a report from FierceVideo.

“We’re building a 5G network from the ground up, with the opportunity to apply fresh ideas and new partners,” said DISH EVP of Wireless Operations Jeff McSchooler in a statement. “We’re seeking input from local and regional telecom transport partners as well as the national providers that have supported our existing video business for decades. We see an opportunity to learn from nontraditional partners as well, like utilities and municipalities that may be deploying fiber in their communities. We are exploring varying transport infrastructures to support our aggressive buildout.”

DISH is facing an uphill fight to reach this goal. There currently is a shortage of fiber installers as Verizon and others are also racing to install new fiber to keep up with demand. Also, one of the main issues with running fiber is getting local cities to approve the work. The good news there for DISH is that the FCC has made it easier for companies to lay fiber. They reduced the amount of time cities can delay installs by putting a clock on it. If the clock runs out, the work is automatically approved.

DISH has the staff and the money to build the 5G network. The questions now are what road bumps are still ahead for DISH, and will they make the June 2023 goal.

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