Disney May Soon Have 100% Ownership of Hulu

Today it was reported that AT&T may be willing to sell their 10% share of Hulu to Disney. Right, now Disney already owns 30% of Hulu and a deal is already in place to buy FOX’s 30% share of Hulu. This will give Disney 60% ownership of Hulu likely in 2019. Comcast owns the last 30% of Hulu but reports came out that after Disney closes on their deal with FOX they are open to the idea of selling their share of Hulu. (This comes as Disney and FOX agree to sell their share of Sky to Comcast.

Now according to Variety AT&T is interested in selling their 10% share of Hulu worth up to $930 million to Disney. This would give Disney 100% ownership of Hulu once all of these deals close. AT&T’s 10% share is a non-voting share that they received when AT&T and Time Warner merged.

Even if Comcast and AT&T fail to follow through on this plan Disney will soon own a majority share of Hulu thanks to their deal with FOX.

So what does this mean for Hulu? For now, nothing but Disney has said they plan to use Hulu as more adult-focused streaming service. The new Disney+ streaming service is set to launch in late 2019 and will focus on younger audiences.

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