Disney+ New Security Feature Lets You Log Out of All Devices on App

disney +

Disney+ has added a new feature in the latest mobile app update that allows you to force log out of all devices. This is a helpful tool for many reasons, the main one being in the case your password information has been compromised.

Right out of the gate, Disney+ had security issues with user accounts being hacked and even sold. Many Disney+ users on social media reported their accounts showed unauthorized user profiles. When users were logging into their new Disney+ accounts, they’d find strange names and extra profiles added to the account. Others have reported that their accounts have been hacked, with their contact email and password changed, blocking them from using their own account.

The “Log Out Of All Devices” also comes in handy simply when you want to kick someone off your account and stop sharing your password with them. Like an ex or a friend who just needs to finally sign up for their own account.

This security feature has been available on other streaming services like Netflix and Spotify for some time. Now Disney+ has caught up and added it to the latest iOS update version 1.5.1.

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