Disney is Releasing a New Streaming Service & Streaming Box Called “Disney Kids TV”

Ever wish you had a Disney streaming service for access to all the best content Disney has to offer? Soon you will have access to just that! Disney is calling this new serviceDisney Kids TV and not only is it a streaming service but it is also a streaming set top box. Disney’s new set-top box will streams media and play games and is built for kids. Disney says they are looking at launch date for the device and service sometime in 2017 launch for the device.

The Disney Kids TV box will come in one of three themes — Frozen, The Avengers and Disney Kids at launch. Being a Disney service you should expect other branded versions of the box to come at a later date.

Disney Kids TV is meant to be a set-top box for kids rooms. Disney Kids TV will come preloaded with movies, TV shows and games. It supports 4K resolution as well. The Disney Kids TV box will feature everything a Disney fan would want like Disney themes, streamlined menus, ad-free experience and a Disney-branded game controller will also be available. There is no word on Disney’s new streaming service coming to other devices at this time. Yet it is very likely we will see this service roll out to Roku, Fire TV, and other streaming media players.

The box will cost $99 and is expected to launch sometime this year, though no firm date has been given. A Disney-branded controller will also be offered for $39, though it is described as optional and users will be able to connect other Bluetooth controllers to the box. IGN also reports that the box will be able to download anything from the Google Play store and IGN added that they are working on a Disney Kids TV tablet at some point in late 2017 or 2018.

Update: Disney has reached out to several media groups to state “The representative stressed that SnakeByte does not currently hold a license from Disney, and that reports about Disney’s plans involving the device are inaccurate, as the box that was being shown at CES was “a speculative prototype that was mocked-up by SnakeByte for CES, for exploratory discussions about acquiring a license from Disney for some EMEA territories.”

Image Credit: Inside The Magic

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  • Jenn from Sideclick Remotes

    Any word on cost per month on the Disney streaming service? We need this!

    • Chris K.

      Eh, Playstation Vue has Disney streaming and DVR ability.

      I’d rather see Nickelodeon launch a standalone streaming service at this point. Since they’ve burned so many bridges negotiating with service providers, launching their own would just make sense.

    • Mike Stambaugh

      Exactly. The box cost is important, but didn’t expect it to be crazy. The per month fees are a different story. And tiers. Please don’t make me pay a certain amount for princesses and then another amount for Marvel stuff.

    • Dean Stibbs

      Disney Life video streaming service in the UK is like 6 bucks in USD, I believe. Just as a comparison

  • Jakewwa

    I don’t want another streaming box.

  • Dean Stibbs

    I already have a bunch of Rokus, a FireTV, and an AppleTV (that I hate), so I don’t need another box.


    I think this is a great idea.

    I bet it turns out to be a hit with the adult Disney die hards…the ones who go to Disney World every year, collect the pins, etc etc…

  • Rich

    I expect that the biggest selling point is a “set and forget” type of setup.
    Parental controls all preconfigured or at least having pre-set tiers.
    This is Disney…they WANT to be very family friendly.
    This could be a decent seller for young parents…probably from new grandparents – so that the grandkids can watch all the Disney content.
    Is giving kids their own set top box/electronic babysitter a good idea? That is a whole other discussion.
    We live in interesting times.



    • Rich

      come now…tell us how you REALLY feel


    If they would start a streaming service for all Disney Channels similar to CBS, it would be a cord cutter tool for sure. I could then play it on all my ROKU and Apple TV devices. I would definitely subscribe to it. Then I could cancel PS VUE. Actually I wish all networks would do like CBS, let us pick and choose and only the good will survive.

  • Jon