Disney is Once Again in Talks to Buy FOX

BOB'S BURGERSA few weeks ago it was reported that Fox and Disney had been in talks to sell most of Fox to Disney. Now it is being reported that these talks are once again underway as Disney is looking to buy parts of Fox.

This deal could include a possible sale of 20th Century Fox to Disney for movies and TV production.

It is reported the Rupert Murdoc and his sons are looking at keeping their sports and news assets but selling off other parts of Fox. At this time it is unsure if they are looking at selling off cable networks like FX but it is reported that FOX would keep its Fox Broadcasting Co and ownership of their FOX local affiliates. For now, it looks like this deal is more about selling off the production assets and back catalog right now.

So why is Disney looking at buying Fox? Well, this would give Disney a more extensive catalog of movies and TV shows at a time they are looking at going direct-to-consumers to compete with Netflix in 2019. Currently, Disney owns the Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars catalogs. Adding Fox to that would give them a truly compelling library for their new streaming service. This could also include international assets such as Star and Sky that Fox currently owns.

According to early reports, FOX is hoping a news and sports focus would help them as the world of pay-TV is changing. Sports and news are events most Americans still watch live making them more valuable when looking at ads sales.

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3 Responses to Disney is Once Again in Talks to Buy FOX

  1. Michael Allbritton December 4, 2017 at 11:21 am #

    A purchase like this would bring the X-Men into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Imagine the possibilities!

    • Marc H December 4, 2017 at 4:06 pm #

      So we wouldn’t get any more xmen movies, no more deadpool, no more logan, nothing beyond PG13, just big dumb avenger Marvel movies. Disney isn’t going to put out more movies, they’ll just add a few characters added. If they put out more movies they cannibalize their own audience. I think a big negative for us movie lovers.

      • Bellingerent December 4, 2017 at 8:02 pm #

        You’re mostly right. When it comes to comic book films (which I personally could car less for), I think the number from Fox/Disney would still be close to the same…if the market can support that many, then Disney has no reason to just limit themselves to a few MCU films every year.

        But you are right about market cannibalization, especially when Hollywood is more and more focused on putting all of their energy into big blockbusters. This move would effectively trim the number of major studios from 6 to 5 with the new Disney/Fox juggernaut likely being more active than the others, so even less consumer choice.