Disney+ Tested Out its First Livestream During the Academy Award Nominations Tuesday

Surprise! Disney+ is officially in the Livestream business. Well, possibly. Without much fanfare, the streaming service revealed it quietly tested out its first live streaming event during the Oscar Awards nominations Tuesday morning.

The 94th Academy Award Nominations event hosted by Leslie Jordan and Tracee Ellis Ross was live-streamed on multiple platforms, including Disney+ in the United States at 8:15 am.

Disney+ released a statement about the livestream, saying they plan to continues to conduct more tests in the future, so it sounds like this could be something we could get used to.

“We performed a test for live streaming capabilities on Disney+ in the U.S. with this morning’s Academy Award nominations,” the company said in a statement. “We are pleased with the results and will continue to test as part of our ongoing and iterative approach to deliver the best user experiences to consumers.”

This checks out as eagle-eyed viewers noticed a page, https://www.disneyplus.com/espn/details/sport-event/ was added to the Disney+ site map, indicating that the platform may take a page out of the ESPN+ book and stream live sports in the future. India’s Disney+ Hotstar service already offers live sports, so it’s not too far fetched that the U.S. platform would do the same.