Disney Wants to Crack Down on Piracy Following the Launch of Disney+

We recently learned that Disney is working with Charter to cut down on password sharing. Now Disney is looking to crack down on piracy following the launch of Disney+.

TorrentFreak recently spotted a job listing for someone to join Disney’s “piracy intelligence” team. This team works to keep an eye on piracy and put a stop to it.

Here is how Disney describes the new job opening:

“The Piracy Intelligence team at The Walt Disney Studios is based in Burbank and provides meaningful piracy insights to inform strategies that maximize revenue for the film and TV business and minimize the piracy impact.”

In this job the new hire will work on “piracy intelligence initiatives” and “measure movie and TV viewing trends across digital media platforms.”

Shortly after Disney+ launched several Disney+ originals ended up on piracy services, so you can see why Disney wants to crack down on it. With Disney moving to focus on selling direct to consumers the need to put a stop to piracy is more important than ever.

Disney is already active in the fight against piracy. The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) is a group that fights piracy and has recently gone after several large piracy operations. Disney is a member and has joined in several attempts to fight piracy.

Exactly what Disney plans to do about piracy next is still unknown but getting more information is likely just the first step in fighting piracy. Add in Disney’s efforts to work against password sharing and we may be seeing the initial steps in a new fight against piracy.