Disney Will Generate $11.2 Billion in Direct-to-Consumer Revenue in 2020

It’s no secret that Disney is excelling in its new venture into the streaming world. Earlier this month, CEO Bob Chapek announced the platform had reached 60.5 million paying subscribers. With a vault full of classic content and a steady stream of new, widely embraced titles like The Mandalorian, Disney has well-positioned itself in the realm of streaming.

Disney is one of the old media giants that have successfully transitioned into the digital age. In fact, it’s leading all of its big media company competitors. According to a recent report by Macquarie Research, Disney is set to generate an estimated $11.2 billion in direct-to-consumer revenue this year. That means 19% of its total sales is generated from its streaming offerings like Disney+ and Hulu.

Lionsgate is the next of the old media companies to come close to that number at 18%. That number is largely attributed to its Starz service which reportedly has over 11 million online customers globally.

Comcast is trailing at the bottom of the barrel since it’s a newcomer with its only offering being Peacock, the ad-supported streaming service that launched this summer. It will be interesting to see how quickly the platform gains traction and where Comcast will land on this chart in the coming months.

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