Disney Will Soon Have a Majority Control of Hulu

Recently FOX agreed to sell most of their assets to Disney including their share of Hulu. Now that Comcast has announced they won’t contest the sale and the Department of Justice has announced that they will approve the deal after a few minor changes. This means for the first time Hulu will have a majority owner.

Disney will own 60% of Hulu, Comcast owns 30%, and AT&T owns 10%. That is a huge change from about a year ago when Disney owned 30%, FOX owned 30%, Comcast owned 30%, and AT&T 10%. (AT&T’s 10% is a nonvoting share.) Even that is a change from a few years ago when FOX, Disney, and Comcast each owned one-third of Hulu. This means for the first time one company has a majority control of Hulu, but not sole control.

One of the main criticisms about Hulu was that there were too many cooks in the kitchen. Now that Disney has 60% of Hulu many are wondering how that will change Hulu’s future.

With that said even though Disney now has 60% control of Hulu, they may still be limited in what they can do. Yet Disney has hinted they plan to use Hulu to stream their adult-focused programming and have children’s programming on their new Disney service. We still may not know for a few months or even a year exactly what control over Hulu Disney has.

For now, we need to wait for all the paperwork to clear but it looks unlikely that Disney’s deal to buy most of FOX will be blocked.

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