Disney’s New Deal With Sony Pictures Means Spider-Man Can Head to Disney+

Sony Pictures announced a major new deal today with Disney that includes streaming and TV rights to Sony Pictures new theatrical releases and earlier titles, including the studio’s Spider-Man films. The deal opens the door for Spider-Man to join other Marvel superheroes on the Disney+ streaming service.

“This landmark multi-year, platform-agnostic agreement guarantees the team at Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution a tremendous amount of flexibility and breadth of programming possibilities to leverage Sony’s rich slate of award-winning action and family films across our direct-to-consumer services and linear channels,” Chuck Saftler, head of Business Operations for ABC, Freeform, FX Networks, and Acquisitions in DMED’s Networks division, said in a press release.

Beyond Disney’s streaming platforms like Disney+ and Hulu, this deal also includes traditional TV channels like FX, ABC, Freeform, and more. The agreement includes new theatrical releases from 2022 to 2026. Those titles will head to Disney’s offerings after their initial Netflix runs, which Sony secured with another announcement earlier this year. In addition to new releases and Sony’s collection of Spider-Man films, other hit franchises like Jumanji and Hotel Transylvania will also be part of the deal.

“This is a win for fans, who will benefit from the ability to access the very best content from two of Hollywood’s most prolific studios across a multitude of viewing platforms and experiences,” Saftler added.