Do We Have Too Many Cable TV Channels? Wasn’t Cable Meant to Be Easy?

Man on couch watching TVRecently we have seen a growing number of stories online about how streaming is just too complicated because there are so many services. One recent example of this was the Los Angeles Times story “Oversubscribed! Wasn’t cord-cutting supposed to streamline our lives?”

This question about too many streaming services raises one more question. Do we have too many cable TV channels? Family Guy airs new episodes on Fox, and reruns air on multiple cable networks. Cable networks rarely air new programming.

With cable TV it is also extremely difficult to find what you want to watch. You can spend hours jumping around between stations trying to find something to watch.

Maybe we shouldn’t be asking if we have too many streaming services but maybe we should be asking if we have too many cable TV channels. How many news stations do you really need? What about the five different kids’ stations? Do we need five different stations all showing kids’ programming?

The truth is there is nothing wrong with multiple streaming services, and there is nothing wrong with multiple options. Not everyone likes the same thing and having the ability to pick from multiple services or channels is a good idea. Sadly, the idea that having options is lost in a growing number of stories that say options are a bad thing.

No one service can keep everyone happy. Having options is not just a good idea with cable TV channels but it is also a good idea with streaming services. Recently multiple studies and our own surveys have shown that most cord cutters subscribe to four or fewer services. This leaves them a lot of room to pick and choose what they want from a huge collection of options.

So, do you think we have too many options as cord cutters? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

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