Editorial: The Continuing Disappointment That Is the Apple TV

AppleTVYesterday Apple announced their great new update to the Apple TV in an effort to change the way we get our entertainment. So what was that great innovation from Apple? Folders. Oh, yeah, we also got voice dictation to fix what may be the most annoying keyboard of any streaming media player. (Don’t just listen to me. I am not the only one saying that.)

What happened to the Apple of old? The Apple that used to push boundaries with great groundbreaking new ways to interact with the world around us by introducing the Apple Computer, the iPod, and the iPhone? Since when did Apple become a company that follows in the footsteps of others with products that are years behind?

Not one streaming media app shown today was exclusive to the Apple TV. Not one feature show today was exclusive to the Apple TV.

iCloud Photos Library is something the Fire TV has done for almost two years now. Folders have been used by Android streaming boxes for years. The apps shown off are just a fraction of the apps that Roku has. No Playstation Vue, Sling TV, Amazon Video, or hundreds of other great must have apps for cord cutters. Heck this idea that apps are the future of TV is insulting to companies like Roku and Google who have had streaming players with apps for many years.

Sadly it clearly looks like cord cutters are not a market Apple is taking seriously and has put no effort into creating an original device or products that will push the boundaries of the current market for cord cutters.

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