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Editorial: Sorry, Apple’s Probably Not Going to Buy Netflix & Cord Cutters Probably Don’t Want Them To…

If you have been reading the news the last few days you likely saw a host of stories talking about how there is a 40% chance that Apple will buy Netflix. This is one of the stories you need to take with a little skepticism.

At the heart of this story is a Citi analyst who said that there is a 40% likelihood of Apple acquiring Netflix. The way you read many of these stories you would have assumed that there was some type of inside source leaking these plans. The truth is the only reason the Citi analyst thinks this will happen is because Apple has the money.

Could Apple buy Netflix? Yes, it’s possible but it is just as possible that Apple would buy Tesla, Hulu, Activision, Electronic Arts, or even Disney. Why is that just as likely to happen? Apple has around $250 billion in cash right now that they could use if they decide to buy a company.

The truth is we may not want Apple to buy Netflix. Just this week Apple acquired Shazam and Apple cut off access to Microsoft’s Cortana to the now Apple owned Shazam. This raises the question if Apple buys Netflix would they cut off non-Apple devices.

So will Apple buy Netflix? According to all reports, the two companies are not even talking. So for now it is possible but not as likely as many of the news stories out there would like you to think.

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  • Fred Koot

    Think is time to rename the site Cordcutter rumours

  • David Batten

    Apple NOT buying Netflix would be a good thing!
    I would also go on to say that Apple buying anything other than an outhouse would be a bad thing.

    • AK

      Why? Oh, you just hate Apple. Got it.

      • David Batten

        I would explain. But oh, your probably an iSheep. Got it.

      • SanityChecker

        Apple does tend to restrict content to within their ecosystem. May not happen with Netflix but wouldn’t want to find out.

    • Vegas Steve

      Oh, insulting outhouse now are you? For shame! 😉

  • AK

    Contra? Spellcheck and proofread before posting.

  • Fred Koot

    If they bought Netflix and limited to Apple devices, it would put companies like Roku out of business

    • Joseph ewing

      Or Netflix. The truth is, the number of Apple TV devices pales in comparison to others. And folks like me who own 5 Rokus will not go out and purchase a bunch of expensive Apple TVs.

    • Me

      Actually I’d still use my Roku and cancel Netflix. Not buying Apple TV. How long does Netflix last when they lose 75% of their customer base?

    • bellsfolly

      Maybe 5 years ago, but I don’t think that would be the case today. Plus, if Apple were to buy Netflix (God forbid!) and limited it to only those who buy their overpriced streaming device…uhhhh, bullet meet foot (!)

    • Rocksleeper

      It would be a boom in Amazon Prime streaming…and more competitors would then enter. It would be a ruin for netflix.

      I’m not buying a $100+ apple device just to connect to my smart TV for ONLY Netflix…nor will most Americans. Show me what I can stream with my current SmartTV or a $35 Roku, Firestick, or Chromecast.

    • Stephen D Irvine

      If it was true that could be part of the plan.

  • RonV42

    I wouldn’t want Apple to buy Netflix, they would make it excusive to AppleTV and cut off everyone else.

    • SanityChecker

      Actually Amazon stopped selling Chromecast devices (yet sells Roku and others) so Google responded. Amazon started the ‘war’.

  • tbird2252

    I have been an equity trader for over 40 years handling my personal accounts. One thing I have learned from merger/acquisitions, hostile takeovers etc. is to expect the unexpected.

  • TaiPeng

    I don’t Netflix. Bad content with an extreme liberal bias. I am glad Apple did not buy Netflix.

    • SanityChecker

      Isn’t Apple as liberal as it gets of tech companies?

      • Dean G

        You’d be best to ignore him, he’s a nut case in every sense. Clearly in need of serious medication. He thinks any woman in a position of power is a lesbian. His comments are truly ones that should be looked at by medical personnel.

    • Me

      Good god. User blocked for stupidity.

      • DesignatedJizTowel

        Blocked him months ago.

  • bellsfolly

    “Sorry, Apple’s Probably Not Going To Buy Netflix”….No need to be sorry, dude. I’ll be damned glad if they don’t.

    • Vegas Steve

      I’ll second that one!

  • Rocksleeper

    Apple acquired Shazam and Apple cut off access to Microsoft’s Contra service access use Shazam


    And I’m not sure what the rest of that sentence is saying. Not sure what “Microsoft’s Contra service access use Shazam” means.

  • Tom Austen

    Doesn’t Apple have enough on its hands with BatteryGate? After the awful experience I’ve had with Windows 10 and other Microsoft products, I’d prefer to see Apple go back to basics and make the iMac the desktop computer of choice.