Editorial: The Streaming Wars Are Heating Up & Cord Cutters Are the Real Winners…

netflix-movies-expiring-jan-2014March 2016 was a busy month full with Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon continued to fight over streaming rights, and Sling TV received its first real competition with the launch of the PlayStation Vue service nationwide. At the same time companies continued to fight it out over rights for shows.

So with all this competition over streaming who wins? Well most likely Cord cutters will win in the long run, but not without some pain.

So why are cord cutters the real winners in this war? Competition is a large part of it because as competition grows it will open up new services and content to cord cutters. If there was no war for content, you would like not see new shows like House of Cards being made by Netflix. Or more options to pick from like the new PlayStation Vue service. For older services the competition from new services forces growth and competitiveness.

The downside for cord cutters can be the sheer amount of services and content that is on the market right now. As more services launch the content is spread out to more services. In the long run it will be a good thing.

As more services become available to cord cutters it gives more options to pick from. And as more people join services, the best services will rise to the top and lower-quality services will drop down and eventually drop out.

That is the reason cord cutting in the long run will give you the best product possible. Competition drives the best product to the top even if it takes a while to get there.

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