ESPN Launches Cord Cutting Friendly, Black Out Free, Subscription Service – For Cricket


This is something all cord cutters have been asking for, a cord cutting friendly, blackout free, subscription service from ESPN. The downside is you have to be a Cricket World Cup fan to really to enjoy it right now. (Now also available on the Roku.)

This is a step in the right direction for cord cutters hoping to get access to all of their favorite sport without block outs or limitations within the United States. Hopefully this service will be a great success and lead other leagues like the NCAA, NFL, and more to join up with ESPN to offer unrestricted access to their content in a subscription plan.

The ESPN Cricket 2015 channel will cost you $99.99 for access to all 49 World Cup games. You will also get access to 4 preseason games and on-demand replays of all games. The ESPN Cricket 2015 site dose say individual matches will be available for sale to stream but currently no price is listed for per match. From the FAQ on the ESPN Cricket 2015 site “Select the single event(s) or package you want”.

ESPN Cricket 2015 is available on computers, Apple iOS, Android devices and Roku. iOS and Android apps will be available for download on 2/11/15. Warm up matches will be available exclusively on computer browsers.

Find out more about ESPN Cricket 2015 from their site:

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