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Here is Every Local fuboTV Currently Offers (Updated December 2017)

Recently fuboTV has been busy adding locals. From having only a couple locals at the start of the year fuboTV now has 105 locals at the time of this posting.

Here is the breakdown of the locals on fuboTV:

*   NBC coverage in 35% of U.S. households and 11 of top 20 markets.
*   FOX coverage in 75% of U.S. households across 91 markets (including 20 of the top 20 markets and 44 of the top 50).
*   CBS coverage in 39% of U.S. households and 14 of the top 20 markets.

Here is every local fuboTV currently has:

CBS (Affiliate) Seattle-Tacoma, WA
CBS (Affiliate) Oklahoma City, OK
CBS (Affiliate) Columbus, OH
CBS (Affiliate) Jacksonville, FL
CBS (Affiliate) Orlando-Daytona Bch-Melbrn, FL
CBS (Affiliate) Louisville, KY
CBS (Affiliate) Nashville, TN
CBS (O&O) Los Angeles, CA
CBS (O&O) Denver, CO
CBS (O&O) Pittsburgh, PA
CBS (O&O) Sacramento, CA
CBS (O&O) San Francisco, CA
CBS (O&O) Dallas-Forth Worth, TX
CBS (O&O) Philadelphia, PA
CBS (O&O) Chicago, IL
CBS (O&O) Boston, MA
CBS (O&O) New York, NY
CBS (O&O) Minneapolis, MN
CBS (O&O) Miami, FL
CBS (O&O) Baltimore, MD
CBS (O&O) Detroit, MI
FOX (Affiliate) Seattle, WA
FOX (Affiliate) Denver, CO
FOX (Affiliate) Little Rock, AR
FOX (Affiliate) Albuqurque, NM
FOX (Affiliate) Salt Lake City, UT
FOX (Affiliate) San Diego, CA
FOX (Affiliate) St. Louis, MO
FOX (Affiliate) Sacramento, CA
FOX (Affiliate) Waco, TX
FOX (Affiliate) Colorado Springs, CO
FOX (Affiliate) Kansas City, MO
FOX (Affiliate) Louisville, KY
FOX (Affiliate) Jacksonville, FL
FOX (Affiliate) Roanoke, VA
FOX (Affiliate) Boston, MA
FOX (Affiliate) Greensboro, NC
FOX (Affiliate) Baton Rouge, LA
FOX (Affiliate) Milwaukee, WI
FOX (Affiliate) Cleveland, OH
FOX (Affiliate) Providence, RI
FOX (Affiliate) Harrisburg, PA
FOX (Affiliate) Miami, FL
FOX (Affiliate) Hartford, CT
FOX (Affiliate) Norfolk, VA
FOX (Affiliate) New Orleans, LA
FOX (Affiliate) Indianapolis, IN
FOX (Affiliate) Grand Rapids, MI
FOX (Affiliate) Huntsville, AL
FOX (FOXNet) Abilene, TX
FOX (FOXNet) Aplena, MI
FOX (FOXNet) San Antonio, TX
FOX (FOXNet) Augusta, GA
FOX (FOXNet) Baltimore, MD
FOX (FOXNet) Binghamton, NY
FOX (FOXNet) Birmingham, AL
FOX (FOXNet) Bowling Green, KY
FOX (FOXNet) Buffalo, NY
FOX (FOXNet) Charlottesville, VA
FOX (FOXNet) Cincinnati, OH
FOX (FOXNet) Clarksburg, WV
FOX (FOXNet) Columbus, GA
FOX (FOXNet) Columbus, OH
FOX (FOXNet) Dothan, AL
FOX (FOXNet) Harrisonburg, VA
FOX (FOXNet) Jackson, MS
FOX (FOXNet) Knoxville, TN
FOX (FOXNet) Lake Charles, LA
FOX (FOXNet) Lubbock, TX
FOX (FOXNet) Marquette, MI
FOX (FOXNet) Minot-Bismarck, ND
FOX (FOXNet) Nashville, TN
FOX (FOXNet) North Platte, NE
FOX (FOXNet) Oklahoma City, OK
FOX (FOXNet) Ottumwa, IA
FOX (FOXNet) Panama City, FL
FOX (FOXNet) Parkersburg, WV
FOX (FOXNet) Pittsburgh, PA
FOX (FOXNet) Presque Isle, ME
FOX (FOXNet) San Angelo, TX
FOX (FOXNet) Sherman, TX
FOX (FOXNet) Syracuse, NY
FOX (FOXNet) Toledo, OH
FOX (FOXNet) Wausau, WI
FOX (FOXNet) Wilmington, NC
FOX (FOXNet) West Palm Beach, FL
FOX (FOXNet) Boise, ID
FOX (FOXNet) Rapid City, SD
FOX (FOXNet) Tucson, AZ
FOX (FOXNet) Twin Falls, ID
FOX (FOXNet) Medford, OR
FOX (FOXNet) Spokane, WA
FOX (FOXNet) Yakima, WA
FOX (O&O) Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
FOX (O&O) Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN
FOX (O&O) Houston, TX
FOX (O&O) Phoenix, AZ
FOX (O&O) Austin, TX
FOX (O&O) Los Angeles, CA
FOX (O&O) San Fran.-Oakland-San Jose, CA
FOX (O&O) Atlanta, GA
FOX (O&O) Chicago, IL
FOX (O&O) Detroit, MI
FOX (O&O) Belmont, NC/Charlotte, NC
FOX (O&O) New York, NY
FOX (O&O) Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne, FL
FOX (O&O) Ocala, FL/Gainesville, FL
FOX (O&O) Washington, D.C. (Hagerstown, MD)
FOX (O&O) Tampa-St. Petersburg-Sarasota, FL
FOX (O&O) Philadelphia, PA
Independent (CBS Owned) Los Angeles, CA
Independent (CBS Owned) San Fran.-Oakland-San Jose, CA
Independent (CBS Owned) Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
Independent (CBS Owned) New York, NY
My Network TV (CBS Owned) Miami, FL
My Network TV (CBS Owned) Boston, MA
NBC (O&O) Los Angeles, CA
NBC (O&O) San Diego, CA
NBC (O&O) San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA
NBC (O&O) Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
NBC (O&O) Boston, MA
NBC (O&O) Philadelphia, PA
NBC (O&O) Chicago, IL
NBC Houston, TX
NBC Salt Lake City, UT
NBC Detroit, MI
NBC Raleigh-Durham-Fayeteville, NC
NBC (O&O) New York, NY
NBC (O&O) Washington, DC (Hagerstown, MD)
NBC (O&O) Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL
NBC (O&O) Hartford-New Haven, CT
NBC (Affiliate) Houston, TX
NBC (Affiliate) Detroit, MI
NBC (Affiliate) Salt Lake City, UT
NBC (Affiliate) Raleigh-Durham-Fayeteville, NC
Telemundo (O&O) Las Vegas, NV
Telemundo (O&O) Denver, CO
Telemundo (O&O) Salt Lake City, UT
Telemundo (O&O) Tucson (Sierra Vista), AZ
Telemundo (O&O) Fresno-Visalia, CA
Telemundo (O&O) San Francisco-Oakland-S. Jose, CA
Telemundo (O&O) Phoenix, AZ
Telemundo (O&O) Harlingen-Weslaco-Brownsville, TX
Telemundo (O&O) Houston, TX
Telemundo (O&O) San Antonio, TX
Telemundo (O&O) Los Angeles, CA
Telemundo (O&O) Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
Telemundo (O&O) Boston (Manchester), MA
Telemundo (O&O) New York, NY
Telemundo (O&O) Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL
Telemundo (O&O) Chicago, IL
Telemundo (O&O) Philadelphia, PA
The CW (FOX Owned) Gary, IN/Chicago, IL

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