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Here is Everything We Know About the DIRECTV NOW DVR Beta

For the last few months now DIRECTV NOW has been beta testing their new DVR. Not only is AT&T working on a DVR for DIRECTV NOW but it’s also working on a brand-new app to replace the current DIRECTV NOW apps.

AT&T has officially been silent on the beta, giving no details about the DVR or the new app; however, thanks to many of our readers, we have a good idea at what the DVR has to offer.

The following breaks down everything we know about the new DIRECTV NOW DVR and app.

Fast Forward Through Commercials 

We have some good news. Yes, you can fast forward through commercials and pause live TV. Unlike some other DVRs the DIRECTV NOW DVR does not replace recordings with a on-demand version.

DVR Storage

Early beta testers received 100 hours of DVR storage, but more recent DVR beta testers say that they are only getting 20 hours of free DVR storage.

So how many hours will you get with the DVR when it goes public? We are not sure… Sling TV’s DVR beta offered 100 hours, but when it went public it only offered 50 hours. We will need to wait for the official announcement to find out what the storage limits will be.

Supported Devices

So far we can confirm that DIRECTV NOW’s new DVR is being beta tested on the Apple TV, Android, iOS, Fire TV (2nd gen), Chrome browser, and the Chromecast.

Recently DIRECTV NOW added an option to signup for a Roku beta.

The New App

From what we have seen the new app replaces the dark background for a light white/light gray look; however, the Apple TV app still offers a darker look.

Hopefully, DIRECTV NOW will give the option of a light or dark app look.

You can find more images of the new app HERE.

So what do you think of the new DIRECTV NOW DVR and app beta? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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