Here is Everything We Know About The New Roku SE

Roku SE2The Roku SE is officially coming out this Thursday with many places selling it for just $25 and some as low as $19.99. Yet what exactly is it? A Roku 1 rebranded? A new line of Roku LT?

Well we got our hands on it and in short it is a Roku 1 re-branded with new quick buttons and a different case. Yet that is not a bad thing for it costing just $25 at most places on Black Friday.

So here is our unboxing:

Here is our Roku 1 vs Roku SE speed test:

Here is the description from the Best Buy Site:

Roku SE Streaming Player: With access to more than 2,000 channels, including more than 250,000 movies, TV episodes, games, music, sports and international and kids content, Roku SE offers entertainment for the whole family. You can control the streaming player using either the included remote or your mobile device. Just download the compatible app to get started.

Here is what comes with the Roku SE:

What’s Included

  • SE Streaming Player
  • Remote with 2 AAA batteries
  • Power adapter
  • Owner’s manual


Here is a statement Roku PR sent us about the Roku SE:
“It’s a special edition model in limited supply for the Black Friday weekend. It will be available at most retailers online and in store.” They went on to add that the Roku SE will run the new Roku OS 7 with all the features of the new Roku OS 7.”
So for now that is everything we know. It dose sound like supplies will be limited so if you want one even at the $25 price.
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