Facebook Watch Introduces New Way to Follow by Topic

Today Facebook announced a new way to find and discover videos you’ll love on Watch. In addition to following your favorite Pages and Profiles, Facebook Watch now allows you to follow Topics.

“Topics let you personalize the videos that show up in your feed so it’s tailored to what you care about. You can find and follow topics in Watch, and there are hundreds to choose from like Crafts, Comedy, Dance and Beauty,” Facebook said in the announcement.

The Topics option is now live for users in the U.S. and will help make the suggested videos even more personalized to match your interests. It can also help you discover new Pages you’ll be interested in following and will keep your topics private so only you can see which ones you’ve selected to follow. You can add or remove a topic at any time.

You can now also find a What’s Happening section featuring relevant on going content like the Television Academy’s annual Emmy Awards, MLB World Series highlights, Vote-A-Thon 2020, LatinX and Hispanic Heritage Month and the latest music videos from your favorite artists. You’ll also see what others are engaging in, from the most “Ha-ha’d” videos of the week to videos similar to what your friends are watching, there’s a whole world of videos to explore on Watch.