FandangoNOW Content and Accounts Will Move to Vudu

Streamers who are heading to FandangoNOW to access the service’s library of content to rent or buy are finding a message at the top of the screen saying “FandangoNOW is moving to Vudu soon!”

Vudu entered into an agreement to be purchased by movie ticket company Fandango in April 2020. Vudu was owned by Walmart and the company had been considering selling the video platform after finding that it wasn’t feasible to work toward making Vudu a strong competitor for Amazon Prime Video.

At the time that the acquisition was announced, Vudu let customers know that there would be no changes to the Vudu viewing experience. User content libraries would stay the same and the app would still be available across all devices. Now, Fandango’s own video platform, FandangoNOW will be the one to see changes as the content from FandangoNOW migrates to Vudu.

“We will soon be one bigger and better service, and still no subscription,” a note to users says on the FandangoNOW site. The note says that users will still have access to their entire FandangoNOW library on Vudu with even more movies and TV shows, including thousands of titles available to stream for free.

FandangoNOW accounts will no longer be active, but user libraries will be available through the Vudu app and those who have connected their FandangoNOW account to Movies Anywhere will still be able to access their titles there after accounts are moved to Vudu and users link their Vudu accounts to Movies Anywhere.

Users won’t be able to move their FandangoNOW account over on their own just yet. “We wanted to give you plenty of notice that changes are coming and give you a chance to get familiar with the exciting new features on Vudu before providing you quick and easy instructions for moving over your FandangoNOW account to Vudu,” the company’s website says.

When Vudu and FandangoNOW are combined, the streaming service will be available on Roku, Samsung, LG, Vizio, PlayStation, Xbox, Xfinity X1/Flex, Fire TV, TiVo, and more devices.