Fewer Cord Cutters Are Going Back to Cable TV

Scissors cutting a computer wire on gray background (wireless or blackout concept)Cord cutting is growing quickly as more Americans get sick and tired of overpriced cable TV.

And, as with all things, cord cutting may not be for everyone, and there are always people who decide the high cost of cable is worth it for them; however, it seems as though fewer people are deciding that cord cutting is not for them after they try it.

According to Parks Associates in 2015 4% of cord cutters gave up and went back to traditional pay TV, but in 2016 only 2% of cord cutters gave up on cord cutting.

There is likely a range of reasons for this decrease but one of the big reasons has to be the increase in options for cord cutters. In 2016 PlayStation Vue went national along with DIRECTV NOW and other services announced they are coming to market in early 2017.

This is all on top of a long list of services that came out in 2015 such as HBO Now and Sling TV.

What we are starting to see is cord cutting can now be an almost full replacement for cable TV. And as more options come to market it makes it easier for cord cutters to stay with cord cutting.

Hopefully 2017 will be an even better year for cord cutters as more services come to market and more Americans become cord cutters.

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