Fire TV’s Push Into More Cars Includes BMW’s 31-Inch, 8K ‘Theatre Screen’

(Editor’s Note 01-21-2022: Updated story to change from Ford Explorer to Ford Expedition based on an update to the Fire TV blog post.)

We’ve already seen Amazon’s Fire TV app start to pop up in automobiles, including the 2022 Wagoneer & Grand Wagoneer. But for CES 2022, more automakers are joining the party — like Ford, which will include Fire TV support in 2022 Ford Expedition (an earlier version of the Fire TV blog listed the Ford Explorer, but we’ve updated this post to reflect the correction to the Ford Expedition) and Lincoln Navigators. BMW appears to be upping the ante even further, with a massive 31-inch, 8K rear-seat display.

It’s called Theatre Screen and Amazon says it’s the first vehicle integration effort to support 4K content. In addition to streaming video, users can listen to music, play games, and download apps from the rear seat.

Image: BMW

In a blog post from BMW, the automaker also mentions a feature called My Mode Theatre, which lowers the side and rear-window sunshades and dims interior ambient lighting for a more cinematic viewing experience. Turning on the feature also includes an audio fanfare created with input from film composer Hans Zimmer.

As for the screen itself, BMW says the 31-inch display offers a 32:9 aspect ratio, which can be configured for 16:9 and 21:9 viewing.

On the topic of availability, BMW is currently keeping things a bit vague, with mentions of the experience serving as a preview of an “in-car entertainment system for future BMW models.”

Still, it serves as more evidence Fire TV is making more inroads as a go-to for in-car streaming.

Featured Image: BMW