Firefox is Adding Picture-in-Picture Allowing You to Stream & Surf the Web at the Same Time

Image of happy woman using laptop while sitting at cafe. Young african american woman sitting in a coffee shop and working on laptop.Ever wish you could stream a YouTube video and surf the web all at the same time? Now with Firefox 71 you can do just that. Today Firefox announced that they are adding the ability to start a YouTube video and have the video popout and stay on top of your browser as you surf around the web.

“Picture-in-Picture allows a video to be contained in a separate and small window, and still be viewable whether you switch from tab-to-tab or outside the Firefox browser,” Mozilla the parent company behind Firefox said in a statement by Marissa Wood. “To see if Picture-in-Picture is available to you, hover your mouse over the video to see a small blue “Picture in Picture” option. Once you click the option, the video will pop into its own and will always stay as the top window, allowing you to continue to watch the video even if you switch tabs.”

Here is what the new Firefox picture-in-picture looks like:

This means you no longer need a second monitor to watch your favorite program as you get work done or check the weather. This new Picture in Picture feature will be rolling out to Windows, MacOS, and Linux in January 2020

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