Fox Networks say “NO” to Sling TV and to free online sports streaming.


In an exclusive interview with Fox Networks Manager of Digital Distribution, Brandon White, Cord Cutters News was told Fox Networks will not be joining Sling TV or offering a competing low cost service and Fox Sports has no plans to offer additional free online streaming of sports events.

During our interview Fox’s Brandon White discussed the online future of all Fox Networks, and specifically their Sports Networks.

Sling TV:

Brandon White made it clear that Fox has NO plans to join or compete with Sling TV; pointing out that Fox Networks current digital strategy is to bring added value to cable subscribers in an effort to keep them as cable subscribers.


We inquired about the future of Fox Sports digital distribution across all their brands, including the Big Ten Network. Specifically, we wanted to know if Fox had a response to the Watch ESPN app and the new NBC Sports Extra app that offer content to non-cable subscribers (note: ESPN 3 requires your ISP to participate). Brandon White made it clear that Fox has no plans to offer a similar service or to increase their free online sports content as NBC, CBS, and ABC has.

Fire TV:

We ended the conversation by discussing the future of Fox Sports apps on devices like the Fire TV and why Fox Sports GO came out on the Fire TV first. We also asked White if there were any plans to bring the Big Ten Network and the Pac-12 Network to the Fire TV or other devices. Brandon White responded that the Fox Sports Go app came to Fire TV first because of Fox’s longstanding relationship with Amazon in regard to selling Fox Network Content. White also said it was likely that the Big Ten Network and the Pac-12 Network would be made available on the Fire TV at some point. When asked about the status of other content he said, “Once you see one of our services on a product, you can expect to see the others follow.”

Apple TV, and the Roku:

When questioned about future plans with the Roku and the Apple TV for Sports and other Fox properties White became rather noncommittal and vague, restating that Fox Networks has a close relationship with Amazon which is why they put their app on Fire TV first.


Sadly, one of the earliest supporters of online streaming seems to be backing off their support of cord cutters. As Brandon White concluded our interview he emphasized Fox Networks main goal is to bring added value to cable subscribers in an effort to keep them as subscribers. With ABC, NBC, and CBS making great pushes into online distribution for cord cutters one has to wonder if Fox Networks will be left behind as the market shifts.

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