(Update: Maybe Not) Fresh Apple TV Rumors Point to Updated Remote for Potential Next-Gen Model

Update (04/01/21): Follow-up reports suggest the so-called B519 remote might actually be a third-party variant intended for use by cable companies. 9to5Mac posted images of the potential layout of the remote, pulled from a recent beta version of tvOS 14.5, but later updated its post to mention the possibility this may not be tied to a potential new Apple TV model. As always, we’ll keep an eye out for Apple TV news.

Original post follows:

We’ve had no shortage of rumors about a revamped, next-gen Apple TV. And while we await an official announcement of some sort, reports are popping up about an updated remote control, which could be launched alongside a new model. 9to5Mac says a new Apple TV Remote is under development with an internal codename of B519.

Potential changes on the remote control front line up with recent reports that Apple has wiped the term “Siri Remote” from its tvOS 14.5 beta, slotting in the name “Apple TV Remote” instead. That name is already used in other parts of the world, but making it standard could point to larger changes in the works.

Of course, rumors of an Apple TV upgrade have been swirling for most of 2020 and into 2021. And despite several opportunities for Apple to announce a new model at any of its online-only reveal events, we’re still awaiting something official from the company. But, as ever, there is hope. There’s still a rumored April event that could focus on updated iPad Pros, but could also sneak in some streaming device news. Beyond that, Apple today confirmed the dates for its online-only WWDC event from June 7 to 11.

Whether we hear about an updated Apple TV at either event, or at some point in between, remains to be seen. As ever, we’ll continue to keep an eye on Apple for any official news about a new model — or, as it seems, a new remote.

Featured Image: Apple