‘Friends’ and ‘Lord of The Rings’ Lead HBO Max’s Most-Watched Titles During First Year

HBO Max celebrated its first birthday last month after a successful 365 days of streaming. The service exceeded initial forecasts adding 11.1 million HBO/HBO Max subscribers over the past year surpassing 44 million. With all of HBO Max’s new originals like The Flight Attendant and Raised by Wolves, an old classic still found its way to the No. 1 spot on HBO Max’s most-watched list.

According to data from international streaming guide Just Watch, Friends was the most popular show on the streamer during its first year on the market, which actually doesn’t come as a huge surprise. The iconic show is a household staple and viewers can’t seem to get enough of reruns. That plus the fact that there are 236 episodes to rewatch across the show’s 10 seasons. The recent Friends: The Reunion special also may have had something to do with keeping the hype alive.

Cult classics like Doctor Who, The Wire, and Game of Thrones also dominated the list, while The Flight Attendant, a Max Original, managed to make it into the top 10 as well.

As far as full-length movies go, it was again an old favorite that secured the top spot on the list. Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring held 13.1% of the overall popularity on HBO Max. It was closely followed by Wonder Woman 1984 at 12.2%, which is impressive considering the film was released in December, 7 months after HBO Max burst onto the scene. Like all of the WB same-day releases, WW 1984 was only available for 30 days after its premiere. The film recently returned to the streamer in May.