Frndly TV Adds CuriosityStream’s Full On Demand Collection

Frndly TV has added CuriosityStream’s full ad free on demand library of content, the streaming service shared in an email to subscribers.

FrndlyTV is a family friendly streaming service with 15 channels, starting at $5.99/month. The channel lineup includes Hallmark Channels, Inspiration, UpTV, Game Show Network, Curiosity Stream, The Weather Channel, Outdoor Channel, BYU TV, World Fishing Network, Sportsman Channel, Pixl, Baby First, and QVC.

CuriosityStream normally starts at $2.99/month, but Frndly TV subscribers will get the same content at no additional cost. The library includes over 2,000 originals and exclusive titles. Content from CuriosityStream includes science, history, technology, nature, society, lifestyle, and kids documentaries, series, and specials. With the library now available on Frndly TV, you can explore your favorite topics and learn about new subjects from dinosaurs to the solar system to spies throughout history.

You can sign up for Frndly TV for $5.99/month for the Basic package or $7.99-9.99/month for HD quality, additional simultaneous streams, and DVR.