Frndly TV Adds Three New Features to Improve the Streaming Experience

The affordable live TV streaming service Frndly TV has made three changes, requested by its subscribers, to make the service more user friendly.

Frndly named the following three changes:

  • Customer choice for the regular program guide or an alphabetized-by-channel-name program guide
  • Simpler navigation to discover the expansive quantity of content including movies and TV shows, whether live or via VOD
  • Improved “timing bar” to better allow viewers to know exactly where they are in a movie or TV show

“We are always looking to make our customer experience more enjoyable and each of these elements was requested by our subscribers,” said Joey Monjure, Frndly TV’s Vice President of Product & Customer Experience.  “Our customers are very engaged with Frndly TV and we get hundreds of requests and suggestions every month.  We’re very happy that we can roll out these three elements immediately and look forward to bringing our customers more requested functionality in the future.”

With the new options for the channel guide, subscribers can now decide for themselves if they want to keep the guide as-is or change it to put the channels in alphabetical order to more easily find a specific channel. Frndly says that users also asked for simplified navigation, so the service responded by creating tabs to easily find a show or movie on a live linear channel on-demand. Finally, Frndly joined many other streaming services in adding a “timing bar” to allow users to pick up where they left off with a show or movie and see how many minutes are left while watching.

A Frndly TV subscription costs $6.99/month and comes with over 40 live channels, including the Hallmark channels, A&E, Lifetime, Game Show Network, Decades, and more.