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fuboTV Adds DVR Support to the Apple TV (More Devices Coming Soon)

For months now fuboTV has slowly been adding more DVR features to their live TV streaming service. Yet sadly you had to use their mobile app or web version to access the DVR. Well today that all started to change with the launch of a new Apple TV app for fuboTV.

Starting today fuboTV started to roll out a new Apple TV app with the ability to view DVR recordings. For now, you can only view DVR recordings on your Apple TV to set them up you will still need to use a laptop or desktop computer.

A few weeks ago fuboTV also added the ability to pause and rewind live TV on its service. You can now stop a live stream to go to the bathroom or replay a big play for your own instant replay.

In the past pause and rewind only worked on its DVR, but now you can do it outside the DVR as well. Currently, this feature is only supported on the desktop, mobile web, and iOS.

fuboTV has said that a major update to its Roku and Fire TV apps will be coming but no timeline for when the apps will be updated has been announced.

It’s quickly becoming clear that fuboTV is the scrappy live TV streaming service that is fighting to get its name out. Since it launched its fuboTV Premiere service in January bringing more US networks and non-sports networks it has been rapidly expanding. Now fuboTV is offering its service for just $19.99 for the first two months.

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2 Responses to fuboTV Adds DVR Support to the Apple TV (More Devices Coming Soon)

  1. Deon Hamner October 2, 2017 at 2:32 pm #

    They add ESPN and this is all a sports fan will need.

  2. Fg October 2, 2017 at 3:29 pm #

    Nice progress. Awful current implementation. No way to record a series. Useless.