fuboTV Adds FanView Into Its Multiview Feature on Apple TV

Sports-first live TV streaming platform fuboTV has a new integration for its Multiview mode on Apple TV. The company announced that starting today, subscribers with Apple TV will be able to customize their viewing dashboard by combining multiple streams (Multiview) with live stats and scores (FanView). The new feature is another advancement in the company’s mission to “turn passive viewers into active participants and define a new category of interactive sports and entertainment.”

“In our mission to integrate interactivity into fuboTV’s live TV streaming experience, our team has been focused on launching products that enable consumers to engage with what’s on the screen in ways they never have before,” said Mike Berkley, chief product officer, fuboTV. “Live sports in particular perfectly lends itself to enhanced viewing experiences. We know our subscribers want to keep track of multiple games and leagues, and they want to engage with what they’re watching. That’s why we’re thrilled to bring a new iteration of our very popular Multiview feature for Apple TV that lets them watch multiple games at once alongside FanView’s real-time scores and stats. We believe this is the most personalized and customized TV viewing experience available in the market.”

With the new integration, subscribers are able to watch up to two live sporting events simultaneously while also placing different FanView widgets next to each video player. The FanView widget includes live statistics of the game that is being viewed and scores from across all of the top leagues to give viewers a comprehensive experience. FanView makes switching games easier than ever, as subscribers only have to navigate through the live scores, and in one click, they can go directly to the game without having to change the channel.

If a subscriber doesn’t want to use FanView, they can still continue to stream up to four sports, news, and entertainment channels simultaneously while in Multiview mode on Apple TV.

Paired with their free-to-play gaming and the expansion of Fubo Sportsbook, fuboTV is aiming to revolutionize the ways the industry uses technology for fans to interact with the sports they love.