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fuboTV Adds NFL Redzone to Their Lineup

Yesterday fuboTV added the NFL Network to their live TV streaming service and now they have added the NFL Redzone. This makes fuboTV the third live TV streaming services to offer the NFL Network and NFL Redzone with Sling TV and PlayStation Vue being the other two. No official announcement has come from fuboTV but their website lists the NFL Redzone network as part of their Sports Plus add-on that includes all Pac-12 Networks and Fox College Sports networks.

fuboTV has recently added a lot of new Networks including the Pac-12 Network, and Fox College Sports Networks.

fuboTV now offers over 70 channels in their entry-level bundle with 35 sports networks for the service that has long billed themselves as the service for sports fans. Typically $34.99 a month fuboTV right now has a deal for $19.99 a month for the first two months for new customers.

That page will give you 40% off Fubo TV for two months allowing you to try it out. (Note: Only THIS PAGE will give you the deal.)

Currently, this new guide is only on its website but Fubo TV has stated that it will be updating its apps on other devices soon. Hopefully, this new guide will roll out to its Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV apps soon.

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  • Duelingdragon

    if fuboTV keeps adding all the Sports channels and gets rid of the other non-sports channels, they will have something unique on their hands and could give themselves a great niche. There is certainly an audience willing to pay for a dedicated Sports service that includes everything Sports without the other stuff. And I’m sure there is an even larger audience for the opposite.
    The companies that really start to focus on brands in this way and not try to be everything to everyone will probably start to see stability. That will really get us some good choices. My opinion at this point, aside from a few channels here & there and some functionality, all these streaming services are basically the same and just fighting it out until a few go under. Then at that point the couple of winners will raise prices where they want and we are all back in the same boat with limited options.

    • StoJa

      I’m in that audience. I’d pay for an all-sports streaming package.

      • juztplayin12

        Imi also in this niche. if they can just get ESPn in there at the 35 dollar mark, I would consider ditching PSVue for this.