fuboTV is No Longer Offering Monthly Plans for New Subscribers

New subscribers signing up for a fuboTV package will no longer have the option of a monthly subscription. You’ll now need to sign up for a quarterly package, starting at $194.96 for three months.

The TV Answer Man first spotted the change on the fuboTV website.

Cord Cutters News reached out to a fuboTV spokesperson who confirmed, saying “We have temporarily made our channel packages available to new subscribers as quarterly plans. We’re always experimenting with our channel package offerings to better understand what our subscribers like.”

As shown in the screenshot from the fuboTV website above, these are the current prices for fuboTV packages.

  • Starter Quarterly: $194.96 for 3 months
  • Pro Quarterly: $209.97 for 3 months
  • Elite Quarterly: $239.97 for 3 months
  • Latino Quarterly: $99 for 3 months

The update comes as viewers are looking for options to watch the remainder of the Winter Olympics and before some major sports events, including the Super Bowl. The change to offering only quarterly plans is likely to prevent users from signing up for a plan and cancelling after watching one event.

There’s no word yet on when or if fuboTV will bring back the option for new subscribers to sign up for monthly plans, but as a fuboTV spokesperson said, this new pricing plan is an experiment to see what will work for the service.