fuboTV Is Teaming Up With Cable Companies in an Effort to Grow

Live TV streaming is a fast-growing market in the United States with almost every major cable and satellite service offering a service or about to. That creates an issue for smaller cable companies that want to compete in this market but do not have the resources to do so.

Now fuboTV, the live TV streaming service, has partnered with the National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC). This partnership will give smaller cable companies the ability to offer a streaming service to their roughly nine million subscribers. Additionally, subscribers can access a growing video on-demand library, and, at no additional cost, can use their fuboTV ID and password to log in to dozens of networks’ authenticated TV Everywhere apps and websites.

“This partnership gives our members the ability to provide added value to their broadband customers, while also providing more content options for our members, who will now have access to a turnkey OTT video bundle that includes some of the most popular sports, news and entertainment channels on TV,” said John Childress, NCTC’s vice president of product management. “There is growing demand from certain consumer groups towards live streaming video services, and we feel these partnerships help provide members options to reach these different types of consumers.”

“As the only independent live streaming TV service in the space, we are looking forward to partnering with hundreds of independent providers to help them level the playing field in an increasingly competitive marketplace,” said David Gandler, fuboTV co-founder and CEO. “I’m confident that this relationship will be mutually beneficial and am thrilled to be making this announcement in advance of fall TV premieres and the upcoming NFL, NBA, NHL, soccer and college football seasons, and the MLB pennant race.”

For fuboTV this is a huge deal that will help the streaming service grow in ways it could never do before, helping it continue to grow its live TV streaming service aimed at cord cutters.

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    AИ₮$ July 24, 2017 at 9:26 am #

    I respect FuboTV. I’d subscribe if I didn’t hate soccer….