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A Full Power 3.0 OTA Test Station is Launching in Cleveland

Channel Surfing ManOver the air 3.0 brings a lot of promises of free 4K TV, better coverage, and more. Now we will get their first opportunity to test out the new 3.0 standard in Cleveland Ohio as the National Association of Broadcasters announces plans to lanch a test station to see how it performs under real-world conditions.

“Just as we collaborated to implement a test station as we led the nation’s transition to digital and HDTV, this partnership will help us test and experiment with this flexible new standard across a variety of applications and with fixed and mobile receivers in a real-world environment,” said CTA President and CEO Gary Shapiro in a statement. “We’re excited to continue our partnership with NAB to take this next critical step toward bringing the many benefits of Next Gen TV to viewers.”

“This is the place where broadcasters, professional equipment manufacturers, consumer technology companies and other interested parties can work together and experiment with the innovative new standard,” said NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith in a statement. “Our technology team is working on everything from basic transmission to exercising the interactive features of the world’s first IP based broadcast standard. It’s a big effort, and we’re delighted to partner with CTA to enable this work.”

The FCC is scheduled to vote on approving the 3.0 transition on November 16th 2017. The FCC is said to require stations who move to the 3.0 standard to continue to broadcast in the current 1.0 standard for 5 years after the transition. So cord cutters should have no fear of losing their locals anytime soon.

Source: FierceCable

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  1. TheEnd November 12, 2017 at 6:52 pm #

    Since I live in Cleveland this is good news well I think I have no clue lol