Gerard Butler Film ‘Greenland’ Looking at PVOD Streaming Release in the US

Theater closures in many major US cities including New York and Los Angeles have deterred film studio ErosSTX from a cinematic release for its latest movie Greenland . Instead, the Gerard Butler action thriller is reportedly heading for a Premium Video On Demand option, according to Deadline.

The film has already been released in theaters overseas and opened at No. 1 in 22 markets, and has pulled in around $45M in revenue. It will continue to be released overseas in areas where theaters are reopened.

Earlier, false rumors were spreading that the film would be released exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. While the streamer does have deals for Canada, the UK, and Australia, Prime Video will not be getting the film in the US.

We do know that HBO has paid a hefty sum for the Greenland to air on its cable channel sometime after the initial release. The film will later be available to stream on HBO Max.