Google is Releasing a New 3rd Gen Chromecast Next Week & We Have Early Photos

We have been hearing for sometime now that Best Buy was selling the new 3rd gen Chromecast. Well, there is still no official announcement from Google and it’s not expected until October 9th Best Buy has jumped the gun and started to put them out at a few stores. Today our local Best Buy had the Chromecast on the shelves but sadly the Best Buy computer system wouldn’t let us buy the Chromecast. The good news is we got photos of the new Chromecast 3rd gen Box with details about the new device.

Here are the photos we got of the 3rd gen Chromecast:

There was an FCC filing back in August that let us know a new 3rd gen Chromecast was in the works. So far as best we can tell it will sell for the same $35 price and the only physical diffreance is a matte black finish instead of a shiny black finish.

According to the filing, the updated version of the second-gen Chromecast will add 5GHz Wi-Fi and standard Bluetooth 2.4GHz. Currently, the Chromecast second gen uses a low power version of the Bluetooth 2.4GHz standard. This new standard powered 2.4GHz Bluetooth is a higher powered version that will let you connect keyboards or even a possible remote to the Chromecast. The update also adds the newer, more powerful 5GHz Wi-Fi antenna that will allow for faster, smoother streaming.

Details are still thin but check your local Best Buy maybe you will get lucky and find the new 3rd gen Chromecast for sale.

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