Google is Rolling Out a New Look for Android TV That’s More On-Brand

Android TV users can expect to see a major refresh on their Smart TV home screens. The new look is similar to Google Chrome’s latest software update complete with new tabs for Home and Apps, a scrolling carousel of suggestion content, and more. Basically, the updated design bringing the Android TV experience into the new decade.

A notable addition is the “Discover” tab which allows users to find recommended content, similar to the “For You” tab on Google TV, alongside “Home” and “Apps” tabs.

The new home screen look will be rolling out in the United States as well as Australia, Canada, Germany, and France, with more countries to follow.

The new but familiar layout comes after rumors spread earlier this year that Android TV could be getting rebranded as Google TV. That of course hasn’t happened yet, but Google does seem to be streamlining the user experience to coincide with its other products. When the new Google Chromecast was officially unveiled earlier this fall, it proved that Chromecast with Google TV was still running on Android TV, just with a new layer on top that the company is calling Google TV. Meanwhile, the company also renamed its Google Play Movies & TV simply to Google TV.

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