Google TV Introduces Kids Profiles

Today, Google TV is introducing Kids Profiles. Families can now set up a profile for each kid in the family with their name and age to create a personalized and safe experience.

With Kids Profiles, parents can choose which apps and content kids will have access to. That content is presented in a kid friendly layout with special themes just for kids, including dinosaur and space travel themes. A blog post this morning noted that avatars will be coming soon as well, allowing kids to choose their profile picture based on characters from those themes.

Kids Profiles include screen time management, allowing parents to manage screen time by putting daily limits on a profile and setting a bedtime. When screen time is almost up, kids will get a countdown to let them know when it’s time to turn the TV off. Screen time can be changed by parents at any time and parents can ensure that kids cannot switch to a different profile to avoid limits, by locking profiles with a PIN.

Kids Profiles will begin rolling out on Chromecast with Google TV and other devices with Google TV this month and will continue over the next few months.

Images: Google