Google’s New Chromecast Pops Up for Sale Before it’s Officially Announced

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a good chance Google is working on a new, top-tier Chromecast streaming dongle. As we’ve reported on many, many, many times in the past few months, Google’s been prepping a new HDMI streaming dongle packed with what’s currently known as Android TV. Recent retail sightings, however, seem to confirm the smart TV operating system is getting a name change — to Google TV. In fact, some Home Depot and Walmart locations have reportedly been selling the device before an official announcement from Google.

The Verge reported they successfully purchased the new device at a Home Depot this week. The receipt lists the device’s internal codename, “Sabrina,” rather than its likely official name: Chromecast with Google TV. These latest reports confirm earlier accounts of the device showing up at various retailers with prices ranging from $50 to $60. Meanwhile Dave Zatz shared an image from Reddit user AsianCPA that depicts what appears to be the new Chromecast on sale early at a Home Depot location.

The pricing, features, and overall hardware suggest this new device will take over the top spot among Google’s Chromecast lineup — especially after the price of the current Chromecast Ultra was permanently reduced

At this point, it doesn’t seem like we have too much left to learn about the company’s new Chromecast, but we’ll likely get some official confirmation during Google’s Pixel 5 event this week. We’ll keep a close eye on any announcements and keep you up to date.

Featured Image: WinFuture