Hands-On with AT&T 5G Home Internet

Mid age woman sitting at tableBy the end of 2018, AT&T plans to launch their 5G home internet service in a handful of U.S. markets. Yet there are already homes and businesses using AT&T’s 5G home internet service.

With 5G home internet you will be able to get fiber internet speeds without needing to physically run fiber to your house. This will rapidly speed up the roll out of fiber internet across the United States. Now AT&T is giving us a look at a real family using 5G home internet in South Bend, Indiana.

The Rubbelke household has been part of the AT&T 5G trial. This week in a blog post they gave us a look at their 5G home internet experience.

“At the Rubbelke household, they’re seeing peak wireless speeds nearing 1 Gbps and latency rates less than 20 milliseconds,” The Rubbelkes said in the blog post.

So how are they using that speed? “Using this emerging technology, Rebecca can easily stream their 3-year-old daughters’ favorite TV show on the tablet. Her husband, Michael, can download textbooks and research materials in an instant for his graduate program. And they can connect with family over video chat without noticeable buffering.” The AT&T blog post went on to say, “And they can use all of these bandwidth-heavy applications simultaneously and seamlessly—something that would be nearly impossible with current LTE technologies.”

Although this may be a promotional blog post for AT&T, it does give us insight into how AT&T plans to have 5G used. While 5G may someday end up in your iPhone or Android phone it is primarily meant to be used for home internet.

AT&T is hoping 5G will let them compete in markets that AT&T has no physical presence in right now. This will allow AT&T to take on CenturyLink, Comcast, and Charter outside of areas already offering 5G home internet.

T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon all plan to roll out 5G this year. No date has been set for when the first services will go live.

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