Hands on with the New Roku 4K TV

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TCL is coming out with a new Roku TV that will support 4K later this spring. Back at CES I was able to go hands on with the new powerhouse of a TV. So here are my initial thoughts about the Roku 4K TV from TCL.

First Impressions

The Roku 4K TV from TCL is far faster than other smart TVs I have tested. There is a new, faster processor under the hood that makes it feel as fast as the new Roku 4. Apps loaded quickly and streams started smoothly. Often smart TVs feel sluggish but this new Roku TV feels fast and smooth when I went hands on.

Picture Quality


IMG_8208 (Medium)The Roku 4K TV is bright and sharp and could be the best-looking 4K TV I saw at CES. If you want a sharp 4K picture with a Roku, the new Roku 4K TV may be the way to go.


The new Roku 4K TV stands out from even older Roku TVs a few different ways. First it has 4 HDMI ports compared to the typical 3 HDMI ports that other Roku models have. There is also a faster processor that helps the 4K play smoothly and really helps it stand out from other smart TVs that feel slow and cumbersome.


Although our time was short with the new Roku 4K TV it was an impressive TV. If you really want an all-in-one smart TV I recommend waiting for the Roku 4K TV. If you cannot wait for this spring, or 4K is not something you want, TCL has other new Roku TVs already on the market for 2016 that also look sharp and crisp will all the same features the Roku 4K TV will offer.

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