HBO Max Library Was Missing Titles at Launch

Before launching this week, HBO Max sent out lists of the content that would be available on the streaming service on day one. When viewers got a chance to use the app, many noticed that there were some gaps in the content collection. When the comments started to come in, the company pulled the announcement of the would-be available titles from its newsroom.

The Verge found a cached version of the announcement before it was pulled. Some of the missing titles include The Dark Knight, Kill bill Volumes 1&2, The Matrix Trilogy, and When Harry Met Sally, along with “all” DC live action movies from the past ten years.

“It was called to our attention a few days ago that a document on our press room listed some titles that shouldn’t have been there (nothing more than a human error) and we are editing the list for accuracy. Those titles mentioned are still coming to HBO Max, just not on day one,” a spokesperson told Gizmodo when asked about the list being removed from the press website.

With some licensing deals still being worked out, these titles are likely to find their way to the platform within the first year. In the meantime, WarnerMedia is reportedly working to update the list and give press, current subscribers, and would-be viewers a more accurate picture of what they’ll find on the service.

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