HBO Max Reaches 8.6 Million Subscribers

In today’s AT&T Q3 earnings call, the company announced that total HBO and HBO Max subscriptions have reached 38 million in the US and 57 million worldwide. HBO Max subscriptions have more than doubled, the company says, with 8.6 million users activating the service.

The company has invested $600 million in HBO Max in the most recent quarter, bringing the total investment in the streaming service to $1.3 billion for 2020.

HBO Max launched in May, following the launches of Apple TV+, Disney+, and Peacock. With no distribution agreements with Roku or Amazon Fire TV, the service is being held back from reaching its full growth potential. Roku and Fire TV combined have nearly 80 million active devices.

During the call, AT&T also shared that HBO Max will add an ad-supported tier and will go international next year.