HBO Max Will Share Streaming Windows with Disney+ and Hulu on Select FOX Films

Disney and WarnerMedia have made a temporary deal to share streaming rights to select new Fox releases with Disney+ and Hulu after their theatrical windows. HBO Max will still get access to Fox’s (20th Century Studios and Searchlight Films) film slate for one more year, but this time Disney+ and Hulu won’t have to wait their turns for half the titles.

According to Variety, “Under the tweaked pact, HBO/HBO Max will share co-exclusive rights with Disney Plus and Hulu to a selection of titles from 20th Century Studios and Searchlight Pictures. HBO/HBO Max will retain pay-one TV window exclusivity on approximately half the slate through 2022.”

This new deal means Disney+ and Hulu will get access to new releases by 20th Century Studios and Searchlight Films sooner, starting with Ron’s Gone Wrong next month, followed by others including West Side Story.

Later in 2022, titles like Prey will be available on Hulu and share a streaming window with HBO Max when it debuts in the summer.